2. The Black Tango Cat from Six Gates World.

  3. ruetho:

    This is my favorite Rue/Mytho AMV.  This AMV made me very interested in the couple when before I was fairly lukewarm about them.

    ^_^ Yay!

    ( Sorry for the repost, but the comment made me happy and I wanted to save it )

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  4. Princess Tutu, Episode 05 : The dance with the Lamp Spirit.

    One of my favorite dances from this series, both visually and in the theme behind it. The Lamp Spirit had to accept that the life she lost won’t return and that perhaps she wasn’t as important as she thought. A desire to have a purpose can become an oppressive obsession, but acceptance can lead to happiness.

    Though in this particular case, she at least got to go with Ahiru, who may not have a cheerful full home, but does have kindness.